Taking Action on Climate Change

Australia has had a tumultuous decade in politics and the biggest failure of the current government has been its lack of action on climate change.

In stark contrast the Labor Party has a determined and achievable climate policy:

  • We will target 50% renewable energy by 2030
  • We will put mechanisms in place to meet and exceed the emission targets of the Paris Agreement
  • We will give Australian industry the stability it craves to invest in an alternative energy future
  • This will create jobs, jobs of the future for Australians.

We can have both ambitious alternative energy targets and lower electricity prices with good sensible climate policy. 

Housing Affordability

People under 35 cannot afford to buy a house here in Wentworth.  We need to take action to help them own a home.  The Labor Party will eliminate negative gearing on existing housing stock and keep it for new housing.  Don't be frightened if you already own investment properties that are negatively geared, you will be protected under this change.  The Labor party will give young Australians a fair go in the housing market by removing the market distorting negative gearing.

South Head Indigenous Culture Centre

Local indigenous people from the La Perouse community, have lived in our area uninterrupted for thousands of years.  Indigenous recognition begins here where we live.  I would like to work with the community to establish an indigenous cultural centre on the South Head National Park. The cultural centre may tell the past and present story of the “saltwater people”.  The indigenous bush could be returned to its original state.  Native edible food could be a feature of walking tours.  Local stories, like Guriwal, could be told.  Such a centre would enrich the life of residents and provide a great way for deeper understanding of local indigenous culture.  It can also increase indigenous employment.   It would be a great way to bring the community together.

Such a centre would give the people of the La Perouse community a prominent place on their traditional land to educate Australians and visitors about the indigenous culture of Sydney.  It would have a strong positive impact on local indigenous communities and provide a benefit to Sydney’s tourism industry.

With the support of Local, State and the Federal Governments, a world class facility could be built on the location and the surrounding infrastructure such as the wharf at Watson’s Bay could be upgraded. 

Labor policies for our nation promote fairness and social harmony. They are the basis for a better future.

National Policy and Action Plan


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